Industry Microwave Atmosphere sintering furnace

Microwave vacuum furnace
2.Temperature accuracy: +-0.1%
3.One year warranty


3  Provide more elaborate atmosphere control.

Main feature of microwave vacuum furnace:

In addition to meet microwave furnace atmosphere all applications, especially can be applied to: Iron base,

copper base powder metallurgy and sintering of hard alloy products Sintered ndfeb magnetic material

The nitride, carbide metal powder materials.

Technical parameters of microwave vacuum furnace:

KElab KE3000 KE4500
Max.temperature 1400 °C (10-3 pa vacuum) 1600°C atmosphere 1400 °C (10-3 pa vacuum) 1600°C atmosphere
Temperature accuracy +-0.1% +-0.1%
Atmosphere system  protective and weak reducing atmosphere  protective and weak reducing atmosphere
Final vacuum


10-3 pa 10-3 pa
Chamber size 500*560mm 500*560mm
Loading space 110*110mm 110*110mm
Output power 0.3-2.85KW(adjustable) 0.3-4.2KW(adjustable)
Power 9Kw 12Kw
Temperature infrared temperature measurement infrared temperature measurement
Control mode PC PC
Setting process curve yes yes
Cooling way Water cooling Water cooling

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