Continuous Microwave Dryer for the Graphene Exfoliation System

It takes the advantages of strong wave-absorbing characteristic of graphite and intercalations. The intercalations reacts fiercely under high density microwave power reaching a instantaneous temperature at 2000℃ and gasified, meanwhile the graphite expanded 300 to 500 times into high quality few layers (3 to 10 layers) graphene in 10~20 seconds.


  1. The first continuous microwave graphene exfoliation equipment. Produce few layers graphene from intercalated graphite in seconds.
  2. Satisfying the future mass production requirement, can achieve 200kgs/hour graphene output.
  3. Water-Cooled magnetrons and High end industrial microwave frequency variable power supply can achieve a 24hours/ day continuous production.
  4. Advanced design and assemble to ensure meet the standard microwave leakage regulations, environmental regulations and eclectic system protection.
  5. Stainless-steel body and imported conveyors to ensure a reliable operation.

Equipment Features:

  1. Take the advantages of microwaves selective and concentrative to graphene molecule that is high dielectric constant, thus maximize the production efficiency and quality.
  2. The whole production processes it less than 90 seconds, meanwhile can achieve the desulrfurization, therefore to enable the high purity graphene and less rear end purification process.

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