6KW Cabinet Microwave Dryer

General Descriptions

  • Product Name: 15KW Cabinet Microwave Dryer
  • Product Number: KESU-M-V-15
  • Microwave Powder:15KW
  • Quantity:1SET
  • Design Temperature:20-200℃

Microwave  drying machine has a number of quantitative and qualitative advantages over conventional drying machines so that it becomes more and more popular. One main advantage is the place where the heat is generated, namely the product itself. Because of this, the effect of small heat conductivities or heat transfer coefficients does not play such an important role. Therefore, larger pieces of medicines can be heated in microwave herb dryer in a shorter time and with a more even temperature distribution. The another main advantages is the short drying time, low drying temperature of industrial microwave drying oven.

  • Energy saving 30%-60%
  • Drying speed 50% quicker
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Increased drying efficiency and yield
  • Drying temperature adjustable
  • Suitable for drying herbal tea and fruit tea
Number KESU-M-V-15
Description KESU Industrial microwave  dryer
Microwave frequency (MHz) 2450±50
Input voltage 380V/220V
Microwave power(KW) 15(KW)
Chamber material Stainless steel
Number of trays 1
Drying area 1.1 square meters
Dehydrator dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 1.9×1.5×1.8
Weight (KG) 850
Microwave leakage limit(mW/cm2) 5 mW/cm2
Relative humidity() ≤85%
Ambient temperature() Normal temperature
Environment requirement No excessive corrosive gas, no inflammable, explosive gas

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