Industrial Microwave Tunnel Dryer for Food Production

General Descriptions:

1)Machine material: food-grade SUS304 stainless steel

2)Energy-saving more than 30%

3)High production efficiency

4)Improve product quality: nice color and good taste

5)Safety and easy clear.

6)Improve working conditions: PLC touch screen control, automatically operation

The features of continuous processing industrial microwave tunnel dryer for food:

1. Fast heating speed: directly heat on the internal and external of material at the same time, do not need to       preheat. While there must be a preheating process in the traditional production.

  1. Heating evenly: microwave drying is completed through electromagnetic waves produced by magnetron.The internal and external of material will be heated at the same time .
  2. Less nutrition loss: material just stay in the microwave heating box for a short time, and do not need air and steam to conduct heat, therefore can maximize keep nutrients in the material.
  3. Sterilization and alcoholization:The microwave drying equipment also have sterilizing and alcoholizing function.
  4. Reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency

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