Continuous tunnel type microwave dryer and sterilizing for Chili Powder

The another main advantages is the short drying time, low drying temperature of industrial microwave dryer oven.
•Energy saving 30%-60%
•Drying speed 50% quicker
•Reduced CO2 emissions
•Increased drying efficiency and yield
•Drying temperature adjustable
•Suitable for drying all agricultural foods


Microwave drying machine has a number of quantitative and qualitative advantages over conventional drying machines so that it becomes more and more popular. One main advantage of the Continuous microwave dryer is the place where the heat is generated, namely the product itself. Because of this, the effect of small heat conductivities or heat transfer coefficients does not play such an important role. Therefore, larger pieces of foods can be heated in Continuous microwave dryer in a shorter time and with a more even temperature distribution.

Model Output power


External Dimension (m) Gross Weight


Output of Drying


Output of Sterilization


KESU-P-15 15 7.0×1.1×1.8 1600 40-75 150-180
KESU-P-20 20 8.0×1.1×1.8 2000 50-120 200-250
KESU-P-30 30 9.0×1.1×1.8 2400 65-160 300-400
KESU-P-40 40 10×1.1×1.8 2800 100-240 400-500
KESU-P-50 50 10×1.1×1.8 3200 120-300 500-600
KESU-P-80 80 13×1.1×1.8 5000 200-480 800-900
KESU-P-100 100 15×1.1×1.8 6000 240-600 1000-1200

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