48KW Microwave Pregelatinisation for Corn Flour Powder


1, The machine adopts industrial grade stainless steel;

2, The net belt uses PTFE material.

3, Equipment cavity is provided with internal insulation processing device, satisfying the temperature requirements.

4, Total size (L*W*H): 10500mm*1050m*1750mm;

5, Total power: 48 Kw

6, Working power supply: 380V, 50Hz

7, A set of independent temperature control device, which ensure that the material drying temperature is adjustable and controllable;


1, The heating source is a microwave generator.

2, Microwave heating, raw material is heated evenly, and the cavity environment is not heated, no heat loss.

3, Controlled by PLC, temperature, speed, spreading thickness and other parameters can be set on PLC.

4, It didn’t need preheating, didn’t depend on the artificial experience, save time and effort.

Model: KESU-P-48
Frequency (MHz) 2450±50
Output power(Kw) 48(adjustable)
Size(L*W*H)(mm) 10500×1050×1750
Weight(T) ≈2.6
Motor power (Kw) 0.75
Fan power(Kw) 1.8
Material Industrial grade stainless steel
Microwave leakage(mw/cm2) ≤5
Temperature control ≤200℃( Controllable )
Color Silvery white
Random accessories User instructions , The factory inspection sheet ,     Packing list , Warranty and support guide, Certificate of product.
Ground requirements Cement ground and smooth

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