6KW Batch Microwave Sintering furnace

General Descriptions

  • Product Name: Microwave Muffle Furnace High Temperature Sintering Equipment
  • Product Number: KESU-M-V-6
  • Microwave Powder:6KW
  • Quantity:1SET
  • Design Temperature:20-1000℃

Technical Details:

  • Components: Mainly includes microwave heater, high temperature cavity, Intake-exhaust system, control valve, power control system and monitor system

2、 Production condition:

  • Input power supply: 3Phase,380V(-5~5% Variation range),50Hz
  • Distribution power: >9KVA
  • Operation environment: No flammable and explosive gas
  • Equipment dimensions: (About)L*W*H=1150×750×1550mm

3、 Microwave heater

  • Microwave frequency:2450±50MHz
  • Microwave power: 6KW
  • The quantity of microwave magnetron: 6pcs
  • Effective size of equipment cavity: W*D*H=400×400×400mm
  • The way of putting the material: put the material into the open-mouth crucible that can resist high temperature,
  • Microwave radiation: Microwave is generated from both sides. there are three microwave sources at every side
  • Type of cooling: transformer air cooling, magnetron water-cooling (Equipped with stainless steel cooling pond. The volume is 2 cubic meter)
  • Operating time: It can be under 24hours continuous operation.
  • Microwave leak amount: <5mw/cm2 ( Meets international standard)

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