50KW Microwave dryer & sterilizer for rice disinfection

Microwave sterilizer machine to kill the eggs: specifically for cereals (rice, wheat buckwheat, etc.) materials development, and manufacturing applications insecticidal ovicidal. It can process the cereal fast, and keep good color and flavor. Such equipment is customized according to the capacity.

Microwave system

1)Microwave frequency:Industrial microwave:450MHZ±50Hz.

2)The capacity is 400KG per hour.

3)Cooling system: air-cooled technology with special cooling system;

4)Transformers: special industrial microwave transformer;

5)Microwave radiation form: Through the top of Microwave radiation, it can make full use of the microwave   penetration and improve the efficiency of high temperature.

Model No KESU-50
Frequency (MHz) 2450±50
Microwave input powerKW 50adjustable
Dimensions (L*W*H)mm 10000×1100×1700
Weight (Ton) 2.5
Motor powerKW 0.37
Fan power KW 1.8
Cavity material Industrial-grade stainless steel
Microwave leakagemw/cm² ≤5
Cavity Temperature ≤120adjustable))
Body’s Color Silver White

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