Heat pump dryer for drying paper tubes

We had installed the heat pumper dryer for our Thailand custoemer. It can even dry 8m paper tube in length. Compared to other conventional drying method, the In comparison, a conventional dryer with elements, will operate quicker, but ultimately, the heat pump with higher drying efficient, electricity consumption is less.                                                 1, Controled by PLC via touch screen, easy operation, decrease the wrong operation because of operator. 2, Use heat pump technology, save energy, long service life. 3, The drying temperature is adjustable from 35 celsius to 80 celsius, humidity also adjustable according to requirement of different material drying technology. 4, Drying temperature lock with PLC, so the drying temperature is more accurate, upper and bottom temperature difference within 1 celsius. 5, The dehumidification fan can start and shut off automatically according to PLC program 6, With over load protection, the drying curve can be recorded and output.

The automatic production line for the withdrawing soy bean protein

The continuous automatic production equipment uses functional screw section design, and frequency conversion intelligent microwave design, so the production parameters can be achieved automatically with precise control. The production line will make use of the low temperature beans, soy isolating protein, and wheat gluten as the main raw material, which can produce a certain strength and toughness of the muscle fibrous drawing protein food. The output capacity is 300 ~ 400KG / H. It can be adjustable. Main Parameters : 1. Installed Power  : 300KW 2. Sizes : 30000*3200*3100 mm 3. Output capacity: 300~400KG/H 4. Body Structure: Inner cavities are made of food garde 304 stainless steel. 5. Control: PLC intelligent control, and touch screen on-time monitoring and operation. 6. Can be UL or CE certified.  

Spray Dryer For Chinese Traditional Herbal Extract

We have develop the new special spray dryer for drying the traditional herbal extract. Description  The machine adopts full sealing for it. All parts are made of stainless steel. It is equipped with three grades of filter. The filtered air is one hundred thousand grades. The cooling device of wall is installed at the cylinder body. It makes the wall temperature less than 80℃。Air sweeping device is installed inside the drying tower. The product will not be burnt or deteriorated even stays on the way. The collection rate of powder is raised greatly. Moreover will not cause medicine mixed or wall stick. Principle Basic Principle: high-speed centrifuge atomizing for the extract of traditional Chinese medicine is an application of centrifuge atomizing technique. It is an high-speed atomizing dryer. The following problems are solved. 1. Raw material is stick to the wall and the rate of powder collecting is low. 2. Because the staying time of raw material at wall is long, the phenomenon of burnt and degeneration can be produced. 3. It is difficult to clean and can not meet the requirement of GMP 4.Low in output: Model LPG-150 atomizing centrifuge dryer can process 50-60kg/h of raw material liquid. In view of this, according to the properties and process requirements of the extract of traditional Chinese medicine, our factory researched and designed the special dryer for the extract of traditional Chinese medicine and won items of china patent. It solves the historical difficult problems in drying the extract of traditional Chinese medicine. The color of dried raw material is good. The dried raw material does not degenerate. It raises the economic benefit greatly. Features Compared to ordinary LPG high-speed atomizing dryer, it has the following features (1).Adopted three-grade air filter, the inlet air is one hundred thousand grade. (2).Adopted wall cooling device, the temperature of inner wall will be on more than 80℃.Even if raw material is stayed on the wall, it will not be burnt (3).Its whole volume is 3.5 times of standard LPG high-speed atomizing dryer. (4).Adopted quick washing device, it is can meet the requirements of production for varieties if products. (5).Adopted wet-dedusting,there is no powder dust out. It is in conformity with the requirements of GMP. (6).Adopted air sweeping device ,the clean effect is satisfied. (7).Equipped with two sets of atomizer and adopted frequency inverter control. (8).Adopted PLC control and display, and adapted frequency control. (9).Equipped […]

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Continuous microwave dryer for the nano materials

The microwave drying equipment has the advantage as below:  1. Fast drying process 2. Dry the materials evenly 3. No pollution during the drying process.   It is mainly  used in the following new materials:  1.  Preparation of graphene    Graphene (Graphene) is a carbon atom to sp2 hybrid orbit composed of hexagonal honeycomb lattice plane film, only one carbon atom thickness of the two-dimensional material. Graphene is the world’s thinnest but also the hardest nano-materials, it is almost completely transparent, only absorb 2.3% of the light, thermal conductivity up to 5300 W / m · K, higher than carbon nanotubes and diamonds, The mobility is more than 15,000 cm2 / V · s, higher than that of carbon nanotubes or monocrystalline silicon, and the resistivity is only about 10-6 Ω · cm, which is lower than that of copper or silver. Graphene is suitable for making transparent touch screens, light boards, and even solar cells. 2. DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter ) Ceramic    The microwave dryer is the only drying way to stereotypes, the reason is that only microwave dryer can abosorb the water very quickly. please find the attached details.  3. Airgel replacement: the best way to produce airgel at low temperature  4. Melamine foam: the fastest and best way to produce melamine foaming

Ceramic Industries Solutions for Using the Microwave Dryer

In the drying of ceramics, physical models and customer cases have demonstrated that microwave drying system can provide increased efficiency compared to conventional drying methods. Additionally, microwave drying systems tested in various areas of the ceramic industry have produced shortened drying times; reduced drying defects; the potential for product innovation; and easy integration into flexible, automated manufacturing systems.   Though, all microwave dryers are not created equal, and all products might not be suitable for a microwave environment. Determining whether a microwave dryer can provide benefits in a particular application requires an understanding of how the technology works, as well as how different materials react when subjected to microwave energy.   With a professional team of microwave application engineers, so far have served over 50 customers in ceramics industry to improving their production by providing highly customized technique solutions. We understand there are different characteristics of each customer’s ceramics products, like the material content, moisture content, shapes, sizes, drying requirements etc.