News Two:Microwave Vacuum Machine for Cosmetic Material

  HuBei Xin Jing Chemical Material Ltd. is a professional manufacture of chemical material, such like PVP, pharma-Intermedia. They start a new kind PVP production, they need a low temperature dryer to preserve the material color. After they checked and compared, relative to traditional drying methods(hot air dryer,spray dryer,vacuum dryer….),they find our microwave vacuum dryer is more economic for their production. Advantages: 1.traditional hot air dryer:heating is unevenly.drying time is long. 2.spray dryingmachine:fast,but there are much is un-suitable for high value-added production. 3.vacuum dryer: drying time is long

News Three:Microwave Dryer Drying & Insecticidal Machine

JuYang Soybean Milk Industry Whole Grains Dry&Insecticidal Machine JuYang Soybean Milk Factory is a famous brand factory in China, there are professional soybean milk making factory. they took 2 big power belt type microwave drying sterilization equipment for soybeans from us. The processing steps:first soybean soak or boiling in hot water,then drying by belt type microwave drying sterilization machine, last crushed to powder. after belt type microwave drying sterilization equipment,you got such features: speed drying,high efficient,saving power, 2.reduce the trypsin inhibitor content 3.get sterilization 4.puffing the soybean,more easy to crush to powder

News Four:Microwave Dryer for Spices Drying&Sterilization

Spices Drying&Sterilization Belt type microwave drying sterilization equipment is widely used in Spices industry for Chilli power,pepper,aniseed,cinnamon,….drying and sterilization. It has advantages: fast speed,high efficient,saving power,heating evenly. during drying,it also can sterilize the spices by microwave energy so as to prolong the storage time. It is a economic drying sterilization equipment for final spices drying and sterilization.