Continuous microwave dryer for the nano materials

The microwave drying equipment has the advantage as below: 
1. Fast drying process
2. Dry the materials evenly
3. No pollution during the drying process.
It is mainly  used in the following new materials: 
1.  Preparation of graphene 
  Graphene (Graphene) is a carbon atom to sp2 hybrid orbit composed of hexagonal honeycomb lattice plane film, only one carbon atom thickness of the two-dimensional material. Graphene is the world’s thinnest but also the hardest nano-materials, it is almost completely transparent, only absorb 2.3% of the light, thermal conductivity up to 5300 W / m · K, higher than carbon nanotubes and diamonds, The mobility is more than 15,000 cm2 / V · s, higher than that of carbon nanotubes or monocrystalline silicon, and the resistivity is only about 10-6 Ω · cm, which is lower than that of copper or silver. Graphene is suitable for making transparent touch screens, light boards, and even solar cells.
2. DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter ) Ceramic
   The microwave dryer is the only drying way to stereotypes, the reason is that only microwave dryer can abosorb the water very quickly. please find the attached details. 
3. Airgel replacement: the best way to produce airgel at low temperature 
4. Melamine foam: the fastest and best way to produce melamine foaming