Ceramic Industries Solutions for Using the Microwave Dryer

In the drying of ceramics, physical models and customer cases have demonstrated that microwave drying system can provide increased efficiency compared to conventional drying methods. Additionally, microwave drying systems tested in various areas of the ceramic industry have produced shortened drying times; reduced drying defects; the potential for product innovation; and easy integration into flexible, automated manufacturing systems.


Though, all microwave dryers are not created equal, and all products might not be suitable for a microwave environment. Determining whether a microwave dryer can provide benefits in a particular application requires an understanding of how the technology works, as well as how different materials react when subjected to microwave energy.


With a professional team of microwave application engineers, so far have served over 50 customers in ceramics industry to improving their production by providing highly customized technique solutions. We understand there are different characteristics of each customer’s ceramics products, like the material content, moisture content, shapes, sizes, drying requirements etc.