300KG Freeze Vacuum Dryer

Freeze Dryers is widely used in food industry, biological products, traditional herbal raw materials,
various types of milling concentrate powders, chemical fields, etc. The dried product dried by freeze dryer is with good taste, beautiful color and good shape.


1). The world’s leading two-cycle cryogenic refrigeration technology, environmentally friendly CFC-free refrigerant, which can run at -60 ℃ positive conditions and greatly extend service life. The lowest  refrigeration temperatures can be up to -90 ℃.

2). It uses famous German brand (BITZER) compressors, cooling capacity, durability and long life. FROM copper material water trap, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature, long life.

3). With high pumping speed vacuum pump, it can be automatic start and stopped intermittently in the range of 500 ~ 1Pa, so it reduce the drying time and save energy.

4).The main parts of the freeze dryer is easy for operation and maintenance.

5). The freeze dryer has intelligent process control and computer communications. The process parameters curve can be controlled, displayed and recorded


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