224Kw 微波真空干燥机

24Kw Microwave Vacuum Dryer

Basic Technical Details


2、Shape:Cabinet with turning trays

3、Microwave Power:20kw

4、Microwave Frequency:2450Mhz

5、Operating Voltage: 380V±10% 50hz±1%

6、Max Output Power of Microwave:25kvA

Product Features

1, Patent core fitting manufactured by KESU, reliable and stable performance.

2, Adopting advanced water cycled technology, easy to install, high efficiency, long

service life.

3, Adopting unique sealing technology, easy to install, non-leakage.

4, Adopting auto-balance technology, keep the object balanced in the trays.

5, Adopting water cycled vacuum pump, vacuum degree can be adjusted according to the objects.

6, Adopting Non-contact infrared measuring temperature technology, measuring the object temperature all the time, ensure the accuracy of temperature control.

7, Based on the rotary motion inside the oven, all of the objects in different trays can receive microwave energy  uniformly which ensure the same drying rate of objects on the drying process.

8, Adopting the positioning device for feeding& discharging, the tray always stop at the position of door, easy for     operating.

9, Microwave power is adjustable, working time and drying time can be calculated automatically.

10, Compact structure, occupy a limited area. Smooth inner wall, easy to clean,internal online cleaning device, meet  the standard of GMP


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