100KG per batch Freeze Vacuum Dryer

General Descriptions:

Item No Item name Parameters
1 Drying warehouse model KESU-FD-10
2 Overall dimensions 4600*1600*2000mm
3 Power (compared with other manufacturers of our equipment, energy saving about 30%) 29KW (actual use of general 60 ~ 80%)
4 Door seal form Medical special O-ring to ensure that the vacuum
5 Drying warehouse material SUS304 stainless steel, polished, precision welding
6 Partition plate area 13.2㎡
7 Tray dimensions 650*550*32mm
8 Tray size (effective area) 10.01㎡
9 Tray material Aluminum alloy, Anodize
10 Number of each dry bin tray 28pcs
11 Standard storage volume per batch 100KG
12 heating method  

Electric heating

13 Number of radiant panels 8pcs
14 Radiation board material Aluminum alloy, anodized to make it uniform
15 Cold trap system  

Independent design of the serpentine maze built-in, increase the working area, improve catching efficiency, energy efficient

16 Cooling System Original Italian Frascold
17 Vacuum system Raffles and the United States Ilez vacuum pump, the Japanese vacuum components
18 Heating system Southern Pumps and Unique Energy Saving Heating Technology
19 Automatic control system  

PLC touch control, Siemens, Schneider Electric components

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