Microwave Dryer for Puffing Soybean Protein

The continuous automatic production equipment uses functional screw section design, and frequency conversion intelligent microwave design, so the production parameters can be achieved automatically with precise control. The production line will make use of the low temperature beans, soy isolating protein, and wheat gluten as the main raw material, which can produce a certain strength and toughness of the muscle fibrous drawing protein food. The output capacity is 300 ~ 400KG / H. It can be adjustable.

Main Parameters :

1. Installed Power  : 300KW

2. Sizes : 30000*3200*3100 mm

3. Output capacity: 300~400KG/H

4. Body Structure: Inner cavities are made of food garde 304 stainless steel.

5. Control: PLC intelligent control, and touch screen on-time monitoring and operation.

6. Can be UL or CE certified.

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