Heat Pump Dryer

The basic features

The “heat pump” (compressor), is a high efficiency energy source that creates heat by compressing the refrigerant (similar as to how a refrigerator compression system works).
Next, the ‘condenser’ releases the heated air by heat exchanging of the refrigerant. A ‘heater’, then raises the heat of the air that comes from the condenser using less energy. Heat pumps also do not draw additional air unlike conventional dryers.
In comparison, a conventional dryer with elements, will operate quicker, but ultimately, the heat pump with higher drying efficient, electricity consumption is less.                                                

1, Controled by PLC via touch screen, easy operation, decrease the wrong operation because of operator.

2, Use heat pump technology, save energy, long service life.

3, The drying temperature is adjustable from 35 celsius to 80 celsius, humidity also adjustable according to requirement of different material drying technology.

4, Drying temperature lock with PLC, so the drying temperature is more accurate, upper and bottom temperature difference within 1 celsius.

5, The dehumidification fan can start and shut off automatically according to PLC program.
6, With over load protection, the drying curve can be recorded and output.

* Temperature & humidity both adjustable by PLC

* Super drying quality

* Much energy saving

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