915MHZ Microwave Dryer for the Ceramic Components



1, The maximum setting: size diameter 500mm * height 600mm, setting time: 12 minutes or less.

2, The capacity: to 370mm * 430mm, for example, 40 to 60 per hour.

3, Adaptation continuous extrusion or batch extrusion, so as to meet production needs.

4, setting the way: from the inside out, because setting time is short, no internal cracks.

Equipment advantages:

1, The traditional 2450MHz microwave equipment can not meet the DPF, silicon carbide and other large ceramic   styling,  So it can only enter the secondary market of automotive industry. However, 915MHz equipment is in full compliance with the requirements of first market.

2, The way of drying the ceramic components is from the inside out, and it can be completely through the ceramic honeycomb. Therefore, foreign automotive exhaust gas ceramic manufacturers have adopted this technology.

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