150KW Microwave Dryer Used in Drying Zirconia


It’s the customer’s working site to install the microwave drying equipment for drying the zirconia.

By using the latest microwave technology to solve the problem of drying chemical powder, we have shortened the drying time, and penetrate the chemical material deeply.

The main features of our microwave dryer are as follows:

1, using the latest variable frequency microwave technology, power adjustable, varying 1% of power, in order to achieve different segments of power. The frequency power supply’s efficiency is up to 95%, with the life of 50,000 hours.

2, using special custom Teflon conveyor belt, and it can achieve the stable transmission. The transmission speed is frequency adjustable to meet the production needs of different materials.

3, using the whole corrosion-resistant stainless steel, to ensure water vapor generated by the cavity does not corrode the body.

4, It can save 50% electricity energy, compared to the e traditional equipment.