Pressure Atomizing Spray Dryer

The principle of this drying machine is cooling liquid material directly into ball-shape granule. After 100mesh filtering, the raw material is feed to high-pressure nozzle and dispersed into revolving hollow droplets. The droplets contact with inlet air and exchange heat instantly forming granule products. Most of the big granule is collected in the tower bottom under gravity; micro granule and waste gas are collected by cyclone. After secondary dedusting device separation, the waste gas will be exhausted by fan. The recovery proportion could be 96-98%

The atomizing granulating is fulfilled by concurrent pressure, so the customer can get different granule size by adjusting spouting liquid and nozzle size, solution concentration, or additive. Upstream spray and convection can be available according to different materials

  1. High-speed Granulating, 5-30 seconds, instant modeling
  2. Suitable for heat sensitive material,color,flavor,taste remained.
  3. Simple operation and control, good for continuously control production
  4. Product with good decomposition, flow ability and solubility

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