Freeze dryer heated by silicon oil

The shelf temperature of the silicone oil heating freeze dryer is adjustable, controllable, explorable, pilot-scale and production process; 20 programs can be stored, each program can be set to 36 segments, the program parameters can be modified during operation, and the drying curve can be recorded ;touch screen operation, PID control, display drying curve; square tray is not easy to deform, easy to operate, easy to clean; equipped with air valve, can be filled with dry inert gas; the drying room adopts colorless transparent plexiglass door with high light transmission, which can be used in the operation process. Clearly observe the changing process of materials.

The main features of silicone oil heating freeze dryer:

The pre-freeze-drying is carried out in situ, with a built-in observation window, and the drying process is intuitive and controllable.

 The drying room temperature difference is less than or equal to 1℃, and the drying effect is uniform.

 The temperature of the partition is adjustable and controllable. The pilot test and production process can be explored. Because the drying chamber and the cold trap are separate structures, the water trapping ability is strong and the drying time is short.

Equipped with an inflatable valve, which can flush out the inert gas.

 The drying room adopts aviation acrylic high-transparent transparent colorless door, and the change process of the material can be clearly observed during the freeze-drying process.

 The pre-freeze drying is carried out in situ, which reduces the tedious operation of the drying process and realizes automation.

Embedded touch screen, PLC controller, PID adjust temperature, display freeze-drying curve and historical curve.

Transfer data to U disk.

Equipped with uploader software, which can print and browse curves and data.