Freeze dryer for fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable freeze drying equipment is the best way to produce high quality dehydrated food. The principle is to use the sublimation principle in the vacuum form, so that the moisture in the items that are frozen after the ice can not be sublimated into the water vapor by the ice, thus drying the material, which is called the freeze-drying equipment of fruit and vegetable, and the title freeze dry. The food produced in this way is called freeze-dried food.

The future of fruit and vegetable freeze drying equipment is equally good, at least in the country. It is called the freeze drying equipment for fruits and vegetables, which is to freeze the moisture outside the vegetables, sublimate them, and finally reach the drying process. Early, because the profit of the fruit and vegetable freeze-drying equipment is high, the normal use is only used for special cause, such as navigation, investigation and other people, because of the comparative convenience, do not need special facilities to cook. Normal people will not be able to afford it. The money has not been bought in the market indirectly. At the same time, with the improvement of the skill level, the profit of the fruit and vegetable freeze drying equipment is getting lower and lower, so the price that is sold is becoming more and more common, and the normal people are able to bear it. The point of strength is storage unless the hygiene problem is concerned, and the rest do not ask for food, especially when it is convenient. A top priority is that the country is a great agricultural country, with all kinds of vegetables and abundant varieties of vegetables. If the Department is processed and transported to all parts of the country, the prospects for development are equally good. It is a dangerous and costly business work.