Freeze dried pet food

The pet food freeze dryers is based on the three-state change of water. Water has solid, liquid and gaseous states, and the three states can be transformed into each other and coexist. When water is at the triple point (temperature is 0.01°C, water vapor pressure is 610.5Pa), water, ice, and water vapor can coexist and balance each other. Under the high vacuum state, using the principle of sublimation, the moisture in the pre-frozen material can be directly sublimated into water vapor in the ice state without melting the ice, so as to achieve the purpose of freeze drying.

The pet food freeze-drying machine has been developed and processed for chicken breast freeze-dried, beef freeze-dried, fish and shrimp freeze-dried, yogurt block freeze-dried, egg yolk freeze-dried, etc. At the same time, it can develop cat treats and functional cat food freeze-dried development. The loss of volatile components and heat-denatured nutrients and aromatic components in the cat food material of the dryer is very small, the protein is not denatured, and the microorganisms are not inactivated, so the nutrients are preserved.

At present, freeze-dried cat food has been popular in the market, replacing traditional cat food products and bringing health to people. Nutritious, safe cat food, and super convenient. The pet food freeze-drying machine has been applied in the development and processing of cat food freeze-drying, and at the same time in the development and processing of various pet food such as dog food freeze-dried, bird food freeze-dried, rabbit food freeze-dried, fish food freeze-dried and other development and processing applications.